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Inspiration ArtOrder Challenge Jury Results

The judges have spoken, and the results are in for the Inspiration ArtOrder challenge. Who will get to display a "I won an ArtOrder challenge" badge?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 ˇ by Jon Schindehette ˇ in Challenge

The time has come, the jury has spoken, and the results are in.

In case you've forgotten, this challenge Jury had a very talented pedigree, and included:

Irene Gallo - Associate Publisher, Tor.Com

Lauren Panepinto - Creative Director, Orbit Books

Julie Bell - Illustrator

Terryl Whitlatch - Illustrator and Creature Designer

Terese Nielsen - Illustrator

Rebecca Guay - Illustrator, founder of Illustration Master Class & SmArt School

When I passed them the submissions I kept the rules simple - vote "yes" if they thought a piece should be included in the publication. I told them not to worry about the number of "yes" votes there were. If only 10 images made it in, that was fine, and if 200 images made it, that was fine as well. I only urged them to vote as if their name were on the book...which it will be. Each person came at the judging from a different place, but each person poured their heart and soul into the jury duty. Art was judged blind - the identities of the artists were not disclosed until after judging was complete. This was the reason that I did not post the gallery until after judging had been completed. I would really like to thank the jury for all the time and energy they dedicated to this task.

All ao_bbdragonof the following submissions have been selected by the jury panel, and have the honor of displaying the "I won an ArtOrder challenge" badge, as well as take part in the ArtOrder book. In case you didn't remember, this challenge is going a bit different from past challenges. The folks that were selected by the jury will be eligible to be included in the print publication of this challenge. Each person gets a share of any profits that are generated during the Kickstart of the book. I will contact folks over the coming weeks with paperwork and contracts. Look for the Kickstarter program to go live in late January/early February - barring any issues.

I would like to thank everyone that took part in the challenge, and congratulate those that were selected for publication:

Go Forth. Create.

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