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The Best of ArtOrder 2013

ArtOrder Best of Gallery 2013

Sunday, February 03, 2013 by Jon Schindehette in Challenge, Gallery

Nymph ArtOrder Challenge

Best of Show & Institutional:

Ryan Lee

"Until I Say" from Ryan Lee


Magi Hernandez

Ophelia as a Naiad.- Ad for Theater Production. from Magi Hernandez

Book, Adult

chrystal chan

Fated Innocent by Crystal Chan

Book, Children's

Felicia Cano

A Singing Naiad from Felicia Cano

Comics/Graphic Novels

Timo Grubing

Piranha Mermaids from Timo Grubing

Concept Art

Brad Nielsen

Oceanid Concepts from Brad Nielsen


Ally Hodges

Cicada Call from Ally Hodges


Kathryn Stewart

Watermoon from Kathryn Stewart

Dragon World ArtOrder Challenge (in process)

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